Welc(H)ome to your belgian residential accelerator for entrepreneurs based on diversity!

    Divers-e-city has as vocation to promote diversity through startups’ and projects’ creation. Our offer consists on a three months experience with 6 entrepreneurs coming from the entire world to share their values, develop their projects together and share it to the word through an enormous media apparatus. Our values are simple:

    Human always in the center of any business construction, ..

    Diversity as the basis of any rich human relationship, ..

    "Say what you do and do what you say’ as the most important target"

    Want to know more? Check under..

    What’s DIVERS-E-CITY precisely and why in Brussels?

    Our D-Program

    My acceleration program

    Month 1 :

    Create your smart entrepreneurial profile

    Discover your unexpected strengths & talents / inner boundaries to malke the best business and strategy choice ever

    Month 2 :

    Discover your route to market

    Develop your value proposition in relation with your specific entrepreneurial profile to create a business that fits you perfectly

    Month 3 :

    Business your business

    Learn how to pitch your value proposition according to your entrepreneurial profile and network as much as possible

    The entrepreneurial Mansion at the heart of Brussels

    In 2002, this beautiful Mansion was bought by Christophe Boeraeve to develop a lawyers Cab. Being amazed by the entrepreneurial rise in Brussels and Belgium, he decided to dedicate a part of the building to comfortable accommodation for entrepreneurs that would build their project within the co-working spaces built for the occasion. In partnership with Alternativ (http://www.alternativ.be/) , specialists in terms of space to work reorganization,, we have thought about pleasant open spaces and thematic rooms in order to create the perfect surroundings to co-create and co-live dutant three months.

    Be one of our D-entrepreneur for the first session in June 2016! How to apply?

    Our selection process is simple and processual. Here are the steps:
    Step 1 - Get to know you!
    The potential future D-entrepreneur applies on the site with a detailed explanation of his/her past activities, his/her projects and his/her motivation. As values and entrepreneurship basic skills are required, we focus our attention more on subjective criterion than objective criterion. Concretely, the project type and the motivation will have to fit to our three fundamental values that are: human in the center, diversity as the basis of any rich human relationship, ‘say what you do and do what you say’ as the most important target. We don’t have limitations in terms of the fields and the type of activity chosen as long as it fits our values.
    Step 2 - Refinements..
    The owners of the projects that will be selected will have to be questioned by our D-team based on a questionnaire made for the occasion. There will be three skypes with the two members of our team plus one from a coach.
    Step 3 - Welcome to the next acceleration program!
    If the selection process is passed, welc(H)ome to the next acceleration program!
    “He who is different from me does not impoverish me - he enriches me. Our unity is constituted in something higher than ourselves - in Man... For no man seeks to hear his own echo, or to find his reflection in the glass.”
    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry